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Published Work | Hong Kong

Tommy’s began covering news, politics, health and press freedom issues in Hong Kong in 2019. He has covered street protests, interviewed high profile political figures and reported about the national security law.



8th September


6th September – Hong Kong Anxiety


2nd July 


26th May


May 22 – Health workers worry COVID19


April 22nd 2020 – COVID19 cases slow


1st February


12th January 


23rd November



RICE Media Singapore

8th December Beijing


6th February


Coconuts Hong Kong

2nd March – Mongkok


3rd March


9th May – Hong Kong


10th May



The Daily Telegraph


22nd December – Veby Mega Indah


3rd February




11th April – Hotels Hong Kong


22nd May – Hong Kong national security law


23rd May – China set up new branch


27th May – U.S declares Hong Kong no longer autonomous


28th May – China approve law


1st July – Hong Kong new law


10th July – Jimmy Lai


10th August – Jimmy Lai arrested


2nd September – British teacher fears lessons violate law


27th October – Tony Chung


6th December – Ted Hui


1st January ’21 – Ted Hui interview


9th March ’21 – Ted Hui Australia



The Daily Mirror

September 30th 2019 (Print version PDF)



Byline Times


4th January – Lee Cheuk Yan


24th November


18th September


25th August


21st July


3rd July


22nd May


21st May


7th February





23rd December – Hong Kong end of year political crackdown


16th October – Journalist issues Hong Kong


The Northern Echo

24th September


16th October

Voice of America (VOA)


October 27th – Tony Chung


November 11th – Analysis: Hong Kong Lawmaker Crisis


November 13th – Press Freedom


December 2nd – Three Activists Jailed


December 11th – Jimmy Lai Charged NSL


1st January ’21 – Reshaping Hong Kong


8th January ’21 – Mass Arrests


11th January ’21 – LegCo v Capitol


15th January ’21 – Lawyer Arrested


22nd January ’21 – Legal Terrain Hong Kong


26th January ’21 – Activists Feel Pressure


31st January ’21 – Britain Residency Allowing Hong Kongers


17th February ’21 – RTHK Forced to Pledge Allegiance


28th February ’21 – Pro-Democracy Activists Charged


2nd March ’21 -Court Hearing 47 Hong Kong Activists


4th March ’21 – 47 Activists Held


6th March ’21 – China Repression Spreads Hong Kong


12 March ’21 – Hong Kong Reforms Step Backwards


31 March ’21 – Beijing Reforms Redefine ‘Democracy”


16 April ’21 – Longtime Activists Jailed


23 April ’21 – Fear Grips Hong Kong’s Public Broadcaster


7th May ’21 – RTHK Show Question Independence


14th May ’21 – Media Analysts Concern RTHK


18th May “21 – Activists Remanded 


28 May ’21 – Hong Kong Activists Sentenced


3rd June ’21 – Apple Daily


4th June – Tiananmen Square Hong Kong


12th June – Two year anniversary



14th June – Film Censors


17th June – Apple Daily Raided 


21 June – Apple Daily Set To Close


24 June – Apple Daily Closes


27th June – After Apple Daily NSL Concerns


30 June – Activist Arrested Again


2nd July – One Year National Security Law


14 July – Civil Society Groups


27 July – First NSL Verdict


30th July – Writing On Wall NSL


30th July – First Sentence Under NSL


12 August – Media Fear Hong Kong


15 August – Largest Protest Group Disbands


17 August – RTHK Promote Patriotism


23 August – Thousands Leave Hong Kong


25 Sep – HKJA Pressure


25 Sep – Hong Kong Alliance Disbands


7 October – Civil Society Shrinking


26 October – Amnesty Quits Hong Kong Office


October 28 – Film Censor Bill


November 11 – Database Stifle Investigative Reporting


November 23 – Tony Chung Sentenced


Nikkei Asia

Swissinfo SWI

30th January SWI


Salzburger Nachrichten

14th March – Hong Kong


News Corp Australia (

29th September Shot TWICE


Asia Media Centre New Zealand