Radio and Podcast

A list of radio interviews and podcasts discussing politics, news, travel and more.


BBC World Service (London, England, U.K)

Discussing my trending feature with the Business Insider with Nuala McGovern.


BBC Tees (Teesside, England, U.K.)

Discussing the reasons why the protests in Hong Kong had at that time, just begun.

8:00 – 12:56 (mins)


Hit FM (Queensland, Australia)

Discussing Hong Kong unrest in 2019, and describing the frontline protests, 2020.


Discussing my trip to Rason in North Korea, in 2019

tbs eFM (Seoul, South Korea)

Discussing Hong Kong protests, shot by rubber bullets, 2020.

Voice of America (VOA) (Washington D.C. U.S)

Discussing Hong Kong lawmakers resignation, November 2020


Podcast with Rad Season - Dark Tourism