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Published Work | Hong Kong

Tommy’s work about Hong Kong stemmed from the 2019 anti-government protests. He has interviewed high profile activists such as Jimmy Lai, Lee Cheuk Yan, Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Ted Hui, & Tony Chung.

News, politics and protests



8th September


6th September – Hong Kong Anxiety


2nd July 


26th May


1st February


12th January 


23rd November



RICE Media Singapore

8th December Beijing


6th February


Coconuts Hong Kong

2nd March – Mongkok


3rd March


9th May – Hong Kong


10th May



The Daily Telegraph


22nd December – Veby Mega Indah


3rd February


11th February – Japan cruise ship interview


11th April – Hotels Hong Kong


22nd May – Hong Kong national security law


23rd May – China set up new branch


27th May – U.S declares Hong Kong no longer autonomous


28th May – China approve law


1st July – Hong Kong new law


10th July – Jimmy Lai


10th August – Jimmy Lai arrested


2nd September – British teacher fears lessons violate law


27th October – Tony Chung


6th December – Ted Hui


1st January ’21 – Ted Hui interview


9th March ’21 – Ted Hui Australia



The Daily Mirror

September 30th 2019 (Print version PDF)



Byline Times


4th January – Lee Cheuk Yan


24th November


18th September


25th August


21st July


3rd July


22nd May


21st May


7th February





23rd December – Hong Kong end of year political crackdown


16th October – Journalist issues Hong Kong


The Northern Echo

24th September


16th October

Voice of America (VOA)


October 27th – Tony Chung


November 11th – Analysis: Hong Kong Lawmaker Crisis


November 13th – Press Freedom


December 2nd – Three Activists Jailed


December 11th – Jimmy Lai Charged NSL


1st January ’21 – Reshaping Hong Kong


8th January ’21 – Mass Arrests


11th January ’21 – LegCo v Capitol


15th January ’21 – Lawyer Arrested


22nd January ’21 – Legal Terrain Hong Kong


26th January ’21 – Activists Feel Pressure


31st January ’21 – Britain Residency Allowing Hong Kongers


17th February ’21 – RTHK Forced to Pledge Allegiance


28th February ’21 – Pro-Democracy Activists Charged


2nd March ’21 -Court Hearing 47 Hong Kong Activists


4th March ’21 – 47 Activists Held


6th March ’21 – China Repression Spreads Hong Kong


12 March ’21 – Hong Kong Reforms Step Backwards


31 March ’21 – Beijing Reforms Redefine ‘Democracy”


16 April ’21 – Longtime Activists Jailed


23 April ’21 – Fear Grips Hong Kong’s Public Broadcaster


7th May ’21 – RTHK Show Question Independence


14th May ’21 – Media Analysts Concern RTHK


18th May “21 – Activists Remanded 


28 May ’21 – Hong Kong Activists Sentenced


3rd June ’21 – Apple Daily


4th June – Tiananmen Square Hong Kong


12th June – Two year anniversary



14th June – Film Censors


17th June – Apple Daily Raided 


21 June – Apple Daily Set To Close


24 June – Apple Daily Closes


27th June – After Apple Daily NSL Concerns


30 June – Activist Arrested Again


2nd July – One Year National Security Law


14 July – Civil Society Groups


27 July – First NSL Verdict


30th July – Writing On Wall NSL


30th July – First Sentence Under NSL


12 August – Media Fear Hong Kong


15 August – Largest Protest Group Disbands


17 August – RTHK Promote Patriotism


23 August – Thousands Leave Hong Kong


25 Sep – HKJA Pressure


25 Sep – Hong Kong Alliance Disbands


7 October – Civil Society Shrinking

Nikkei Asia

Swissinfo SWI

30th January SWI


Salzburger Nachrichten

14th March – Hong Kong


News Corp Australia (

29th September Shot TWICE


Asia Media Centre New Zealand