Tommy Walker has worked as a journalist, travel writer and photographer across the world since 2014.  He’s worked or travelled to approximately 70 countries, and based in Bangkok, Melbourne, Auckland, Mexico, Hong Kong and Taipei throughout the years.


Tommy’s recent work includes reporting from the frontline of the Hong Kong protests in 2019 and the national security law political crackdown in 2020. Furthermore, Tommy has reported on the Covid19 pandemic in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the 2021 military coup in Myanmar.


Quick links to Hong Kong work:




The Telegraph 

Byline Times

Voice of America (VOA)



As a travel writer, Tommy has embarked on sponsored trips to North Korea, Borneo Malaysia, Singapore, Morocco, France and New Zealand.


Tommy’s own excursions often find him in “off the beaten track destinations” which have included exploring Venezuela,  Kaieteur Falls in Guyana, and Colombia’s “Lost City” amongst others.


Published work of Tommy’s can be found within the mainstream and independent media, including various newspapers, media outlets, and travel publications.


Over the years, Tommy’s name and work can be found across his social media audiences that surpasses 450,000 – both of his followers and travel communities.


For work, tips, assignments or collaborations, please contact email: